Rock Guitar Lick 23: Mixolydian Alternate Picking Lick #1

Over the course of the next four lessons, we’re going to be looking at some licks that use the mixolydian mode. In this lesson, we’ll be kicking things off by covering a mixolydian lick that’s played using alternate picking.

Before we look at the lick, let’s quickly review the scale that it’s composed from…

A Mixolydian: Scale Degrees and Note Names

A Mixolydian Mode Table

Because all the mixolydian licks we’ll be looking at use this specific scale, I think it’s definitely worthwhile memorising the table now. You might also want to work through the following lesson that covers some of the basic theory behind the mixolydian mode…

Once you’ve finished with doing this preparation, then you’re ready to start tackling this lick…

Rock Guitar Lick 23: Mixolydian Alternate Picking Lick #1

Rock Guitar Lick 23:Mixolydian Alternate Picking Lick #1

This lick is made up of two very distinct sections. The first section uses a 4-note melodic pattern that repeats four times, while the second section is entirely made up from notes of an A Dominant Seventh arpeggio. To help you see this more clearly, here’s the same lick with the two sections shown…

Rock Guitar Lick 23 Explained

Probably the most challenging thing about the lick is its timing. If you’re comfortable with reading rhythmic notation, then you’ll notice that it combines eighth note triplets and sixteenth notes. This means that you’ll need to change smoothly between three notes per beat and four notes per beat.

If you’re new to combining these two rhythmic subdivisions, then be very patient with yourself. I know that when I first encountered this sort of rhythmic challenge, it took me a lot of practice to master. Of course, I might just be a slow learner, and you might totally nail it right away! 🙂

OK. That’s all for now. Have a lot of fun with the lick, and be sure to practice it heaps.

Have fun!

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