Rock Guitar Lick 28: Dorian Hybrid-Picking Lick 2

In this guitar lesson we’ll be looking at another dorian mode guitar lick that uses hybrid-picking technique. Like the previous lick, the lick in this lesson is composed using notes from the A Dorian mode.

Let’s jump right in now by looking at the lick…

Rock Guitar Lick 28: Dorian Hybrid-Picking Lick 2

Rock Guitar Lick 28: Dorian Hybrid-Picking Lick 2

To compose this lick, I made extensive use of the A Minor 6 Pentatonic scale. This is a really cool sounding pentatonic scale that lies within the A Dorian mode, and is made up of the following notes…

A Minor 6 Pentatonic Scale

As you can see, this pentatonic scale is really just the A Dorian mode without the 2 and b7. By leaving these two notes out, rather than using the full dorian mode, it allows you to come up with some very interesting melodic ideas that will work well over any dorian mode soloing context. (I personally really like the angular sound that this pentatonic scale has).

Like Dorian Hybrid-Picking Lick 1, this lick uses eighth-note triplet timing. So make sure that, when you start metronoming the lick, you focus on playing three evenly-spaced notes per click of your metronome.

If you’ve already mastered the previous hybrid-picking licks, then this one should be fairly easy for you to learn. The most challenging thing about it for many guitarists will be playing all of the finger-rolls cleanly. But as long as you watch the accompanying video, and invest some time practising them insanely slowly, then they shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge for you. 🙂

Have fun with this lick!

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