Rock Guitar Lick 18: Angus Young Style Lick #2

Welcome back. I hope you’ve been having fun with the first Angus Young style guitar lick. ­čÖé

In this lesson we’re going to look at another lick that makes extensive use of double-stops. I think it’s a particularly┬áinteresting one because it uses the A Minor Pentatonic scale with an added 6

Am Pentatonic + 6

This added F# note really adds a lot of colour to the sound of the A Minor Pentatonic scale. To see what I mean, let’s check out the lick now…

Rock Guitar Lick 18: Angus Young Style Lick #2

Rock Guitar Lick 18: Angus Young Style Lick #2

As you might notice from the TAB, we’re doing something really cool in this lick. (Well, at least I think it’s cool!). In the first bar we’re bending the G-string and the B-string at the same time. This is called a double-stop bend, and if you do┬áit like┬áI recommend on the video below you’ll be…

  • Bending the D note on the G-string up to an E note. (i.e. A whole-step bend).
  • Bending the F# note on the B-string up to a G note. (i.e. A half-step bend).

Although this bend is tricky to get right initially, it’s definitely worth the effort to master it. Once you get the hand of it, you’ll soon find yourself using and abusing it in your┬áimprovised guitar solos.┬á­čÖé

Have fun with the lick!

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